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Exclamation Heading to Col's, OH... suggestions?

Got a job interview up at Honda R&D, and had the interview date bumped up to thursday, so I'll be flying in tomorrow morning, and have the afternoon, and possibly thursday AM to do some railfanning.

Soo.... what's a good way to do some quick'n'dirty railfanning in Columbus? Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks much,

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When we went to Columbus for a baseball game, I managed to convince the others to stop for a while to watch trains. We got off 71 at W. Broad St. then took some back alleys till we reached a lot below the diamond. The traffic there was pretty good, about 6 trains in an hour. If you want a map, go to google maps and type in Columbus, OH. Then zoom in on the arrow, which was close to where the diamond is.

Hope this helps!
Andy Toms

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