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I don't think I've ever seen any shots of the Herzog train in action on RP before. I uploaded this photo because of that fact and maybe there are viewers who haven't seen one of these trains in action before. It was definitely my first time, and I was very impressed.

Do you think an appeal would be a wise idea given that reasoning, or shall I just forget it?


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Joe the Photog
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Give us something more artistic than a customary side view shot. I don't know if anything else was possible, but anythig other than this may have worked much better. Maybe a close-up, heck a pan if it was moving at all. It's not totally uninteresting, just needs to have more umph.
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I like it, and I don't think an appeal is a bad idea. Was the train moving while it was dumping? You didn't happen to get any pan shots of the train dumping? I think the dumping with the motion blur in the foreground and background would make a real winner. Good luck.

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- Christopher Blaszczyk
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His comment sates, "at 18 MPH". I agree with the motion blur in the fore/background.
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Doug Wolfe
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Here is one they accepted previously...but I actually like your shot better.

Image © Bicot (Marc Caya)
PhotoID: 234005
Photograph © Bicot (Marc Caya)
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