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Default Copyright Question

Is it against copyright if I were to update my Lancaster and Chester roster by including links to specific shots on this database? Meaning I would creat a hyperlink on my roster page that brings a viewer, supposing there are some, to a page on RP by someone else?

Thanks in advance as I do not want their to be any copyright violations with this.

Joe H.
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You could always ask the photographer in question. Or another question: are you going to be profitting by using the images in question?
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Simply linking a page does not violate anything. All you are saying is, "hey guys, check out this picture on this website." If a person does not want his pictures viewed on the internet, they should not post them on the internet. Now, if you lift the picture and place it on your website, that is a little different. That is when you should ask.

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Some sites don't appreciate or allow deep linking (mind drawing a blank on coined phrase). They only authorize linking to index pages. I don't believe this site requires this. They have postcards on each page.
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