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Default Cameras, Sensors To Line Railway in Washington, D.C.

From today's Washington Post:

"Hundreds of surveillance cameras and sensors to detect intruders will be installed along a freight rail line that snakes through the District and within three blocks of the U.S. Capitol.

"The $9.8 million pilot project, funded by the Department of Homeland Security, is the most detailed information to surface about plans to secure the rail line. This year, District leaders tried to ban hazardous shipments on the line because of fears of a terrorist attack."

Registration is required to read the complete article.


Dave Kerr
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It worked without registration for me. Interesting article. It seems that the D.C. Council is against it which seems funny to me but the mayor seems to like it. They were the ones who wanted to control the railroad that stretch of track in the first place with not allowing hazardous freight to pass through. I would have thought they would have been all for it. I think that this is a good idea now that the threat of terrorists attacking the rail lines has been done in another country.

Brandon Smith
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Exclamation Re: hight tech stuff on r.r's in Washington D.C.

I don't know if all the high tech stuff that they want to install will be a good thing or a bad thing. If in the event that it is a good thing, what does that mean to the future of OUR HOBBY AS WE NOW KNOW IT?? Does that mean that we will have to get way above all these senors to take our pics? Will we still be able to do what we consider fun with out having to worry about being arrested for taking a photo? Or will we have to register ourselves and equipment so that we can take pics? Will that give them the right to search our property to make sure that we have not picked up any railroad item that they have discarded and that we find laying off in the bushes and decide we want to keep? If we do will we banned from the tracksides that some of us know better than our own towns?
Raymond Stewart
Raymond Stewart
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