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Default It's gonna be a close one...

Race to the top of the day - which one will get there first?
(If even at all, lol....). Both posted at the same time.
Taking bets now!

Image © Mitch Goldman
PhotoID: 402335
Photograph © Mitch Goldman

Image © Norfolk Southern Corp
PhotoID: 402338
Photograph © Norfolk Southern Corp

Tom and Mike - it's up to you two for the next two weeks!

PS: Mike, sorry for outpacing your fantastic Lakeside UP shot!

Image © Mitch Goldman
PhotoID: 402296
Photograph © Mitch Goldman

Image © Mike Danneman
PhotoID: 402303
Photograph © Mike Danneman

I was only after edging out the Heritage shot earlier, lol.

Image © Michael Ridenhour
PhotoID: 402298
Photograph © Michael Ridenhour

I'll be lucky to outpace the above shot even with a 7 hour head

I think Vegas should get in on this action.

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