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Default Opinions on Camera Backpacks

Hey guys,

I'm looking to purchase a camera backpack for when I go hiking or need a hands free bag. I want a bag that is comfortable over time and also small/light enough to not be a burden while climbing. If anyone out there has any opinions I would love to hear them. The bag needs to fit:

Canon Rebel XSi
Canon 10-22mm
Canon 24-105L
Canon 55-250mm
Eventually a 70-300 or 100-400 in place of the 55-250mm
Canon FS200
RadioShack Scanner
Few accessories

Here are some options I was looking at. What do you guys like in a backpack?







Youtube Videos

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I have a Think Tank StreetWalker that I really like. More expensive but great quality.


They have bigger and smaller models available.
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Personally, I'm not a fan of backpacks. They are great for carrying a lot of heavy stuff "hands-free", but they are lousy for being able to "draw and fire" quickly. I don't have much use for a bag that I have to put down to access. For someone who typically hikes a long way to set up for a single shot, I guess they're OK. For someone who attends events where the action is fast-paced, they're useless.

I carry 2 bodies and need access to both quickly. One bag that a friend of mine has used successfully for several years has my eye. Take a look at the Velocity 9X from Tamrac. It has the advantages of a shoulder bag as well as a backpack. I would think it would work well "hands-free".

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Mr. Pick
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I've got a backpack and they are great for using on trail hikes. In mine the camera stuff goes below, and then you have an area on top you can use for other stuff, like food and whatever. It also has two water bottle pockets on the outside, also very useful for longer treks.

One thing I make sure my backpack has is rainflaps over the zippers. Doesn't make them waterproof, but water will leak right through a zipper in no time and if there is a rain flap over the zipper it'll give you more time to get the pack covered up before water gets in. The Vivitar you linked appears to me to have a lot of exposed zippers, so I myself would tend to shy away from it.
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Smile Happy with a Lowepro Fastpak

I have used a Lowepro Fastpak for around five years and am very happy with it. The side "entrance" makes access to your basic camera and lens easy, and it has a good amount of extra space for non camera items. The current version is shown here:

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I am very happy with the Canon alternative you link to. In it I keep a 50D, 17-55, 10-22, 55-250, and 70-200, and until recently a 50/1.8 (curse build quality on the nifty fifty, second one I have broken). Scanner in one outside pocket, water bottle in the other (not a great fit, not deep enough), 430 flash in a zippered pocket when desired.

But certainly it is only a straight backpack so other styles may offer more usability for you.
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I have Lowepro Slingshot. It holds all my stuff. Here is a link for it at Amazon.

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Dennis A. Livesey
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I would suggest a sling type bag. LowePro's is very nice.


Personally I use Think Tank. I have a Streetwalker backpack for hiking in. It has all my gear and a tripod. However, in fast action I have their Modular Set which is a set of bags on a thick belt. This way I have everything I need at all times. Mine set consist's of five bags. One for my Canon 17-40, a multipurpose pouch that holds my 10-22, a prime, four batteries, and memory card holder, then a water bottle/snack bag, a speed light bag and finally a bag for the 70-200 f/4.


While I have seen press guys with this set up, I never have seen railfans with one.

What can I say, I pack heavy. And it looks weird. But it works for me.

Of course the kid next to me with his point and shoot is getting the better picture.

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Originally Posted by Dennis A. Livesey View Post

Of course the kid next to me with his point and shoot is getting the better picture.
But not as level I bet..
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