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Default Bad angle, or is it the clouds?

got a D5 IIi and now he doesnt afread fo 12800 iSO
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Might be the near Fish Eye effect. Are there such distorted wide angle views in the data base?
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Well, there's a strange glow all along the length of the telephone pole on the right and there's some sort of blob on the right side of the green-roofed building right before the lead unit's nose. But...

As for the bad angle, maybe it's because there's not much going on on the right side of the frame.
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I have to agree with Freericks and go with the fisheye distortion.
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Right, blame it on the clouds.

I agree with Freericks, near fisheye.

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Besides the flaws due to over-editing (the halos), I personally like the composition of the photo. Although, the crop could be a bit tighter, especially on the left side of the photo. Have you tried an appeal with your side of the story?

As far as the fish-eye look being the rejection, there are photos in the database that were taken with a fish-eye lense. I don't think that is the problem. Here are several examples from Swami:

Image © Swami -- swamiphoto.homeip.net
PhotoID: 198154
Photograph © Swami -- swamiphoto.homeip.net

Image © Swami -- swamiphoto.homeip.net
PhotoID: 198843
Photograph © Swami -- swamiphoto.homeip.net

Image © Swami -- swamiphoto.homeip.net
PhotoID: 232941
Photograph © Swami -- swamiphoto.homeip.net
Brandon Smith

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Trainboy might be right to a certain point. If the sky was more pristine or if the clouds were more blobs with blue in between, then *maybe* this shot would get in. On the other hand, the wide angle is ditortion is a little much even for my tastes. And this comes from someone who shot this --

Image ©
Photograph ©

The difference in our shots, aside from the sky, is that mine is bracketed by poles on both sids. The distortion brings them both in which makes the shot make sense whereas your shot just has one pole which looks like it's about to fall down.

Joseph C. Hinson Photography
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Like Ween said, there is a blotch on the roof of the building, on the lead unit's windshield and there is a glow around the telephone pole. Usually that glow is caused by great use of the Shadows/Highlights feature. Refrain from using that tool too much, because it results in stuff like that, or it causes digital noise/fake appearance.
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The rain drops on the lens don't help, thats the blobs. But the keystoning just doesn't work for me. Worked it over in PS a bit of PC helps
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First of all, I'm pretty sure it's not a fisheye, it's a 10mm ultra-wide angle, the Canon 10-22. I don't see any of the "curviness" that one sees with fisheye shots.

Second, if you want to go ultra-wide, there should be a reason to do so. Taking a standard wedgie with ultra-wide just results in a weird looking wedgie, and RP does not generally do weird for the sake of weird.

Swami's shots "work" - at least to my eye - because s/he captures compositions that can't be captured at a less extreme angle; the compositions combine elements in extreme ways. I loved the Portland station shot at the time and I am glad to be reminded of it so I can see it again.

Hmm, that reminds me, time for an ultra-wide post to the blog!
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