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Default San Diego - Fullerton, CA Info needed.

I will be traveling to San Diego the first week in Feb. for a meeting. I hope to have Sunday afternoon, and Friday afternoon to take some train photos. I've never been to California, so I could use some information on good places to go. I will have to rely on public transportation to get to the photo sites. I have read that Fullerton has a high train frequency, so I thought I might ride the Surf-Liner there one day. I would all so like to get the classic shot of the Train and the Pacific Ocean, I'm not sure but it looks like San Clemente is the place to get it.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


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bnsf sammy
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Thumbs up Welcome to California

Hi Art. Well, Fullerton by its self is a really good spot to trainwatch. Not only do you get constant Metrolinks and Amtrak Surfliners, but you also get constant BNSF freight trains. You can't get that in San Diego. I think San Clemente would be a good spot to get that photo you want of the train and the Pacific Ocean. It is one of the only spots on the Surfline where the train is litteraly right up against the water. Assuming that you're arriving in San Diego, there isn't much excitment. On Friday afternoon, there is Surfliners and Coasters (commuter trains that look like Metrolinks).
Image © Jeff Weber
PhotoID: 118416
Photograph © Jeff Weber
Nice shot, Jeff.

On Sunday, Coaster doesn't run, so all you see is Surfliners, and if you're lucky on either day, you might see one of the two BNSF freights that come at any time of day. Could come at morning, night, or afternoon.

If you want to take the Surfliner to San Clemente, it will cost you $14, and take an hour and 14 minutes. From San Clemente, it will cost $12 and take an hour. From San Diego to Fullerton it will cost $19, and take 2 hours. (source: www.amtrak.com). Good Luck, I think Fullerton is going to be the best place to train watch.
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The "Classic shots" you always see (Such as the one above) are taken at Del Mar, Ca. About a mile southwest of the racetrack, and up near Santa Barbara, whereas the shots taken from "out at sea" looking at the coast are shot from the San Clemente pier.

Image © Matt Topper
PhotoID: 101297
Photograph © Matt Topper

from San Clemente Pier

Image © Richard Sugg
PhotoID: 109744
Photograph © Richard Sugg

Ventura Beach

And the Coaster in Sammy's post was shot along Del Mar Beach

Fullerton is great for shooting a lot of just about anything... with the 11 daily Surfliner Round Trips, Metrolinks, Amtrak 4, and Freight Traffic. Fullerton is a gateway into and out of Redondo Junction. for the shots along the Coast, work your way North for more Freight trattic, and South for more Passenger Traffic as Amtrak only has 10 trains through the central Coast, but I read the OS often enough and know those Amtraks are often held for two or three Freights to pass. Down South you have Coaster, Amtrak, metrolink, all with multiple round trips, and the Occasional Freight during the day (1 or 2 of them). Downtown San Diego has a lot of Freight Traffic after about 10 PM, I've sat at the depot watching three or four go out one after the other before.

Enjoy your trip, I probably confused you more.
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Default Thanks.

Thank You both for your help. I will try and get to Fullerton on Sunday, and San Clemente on Friday. It doesn’t look like many Surf Liners stop at San Clemente, so I will try and work out a Coaster, Metrolink and Surf Liner combo to get there and maybe back to Fullerton again.

Thanks again for the Info.

Art W.
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Default San Diego freight action

A far as freight goes in San Diego(being a resident) on a normal night the freight leaves San Diego Yard at about 7:00-7:30PM and the incoming freight arrives some where past 2AM and normally has 2 DPUs. Occasionally the vehicle trains come in or the Potash train. But not very often. At night though between 9-10PM in the Encinitas area a Small local from Oceanside passes through and proceeds south to Miramar and switches some small businesses and heads back. If you happen to have a scanner ill glady hand over the codes. Happy Hunting
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BNSF San Bernardino Sub!!
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Default Fullerton

Fullerton proably would be the best in terms of number of trains. I've gone down there alot. Sometimes in a 20 min. period I see 5 or 6 trains. Other times it seems like train after train. Fullerton is really good because the San Bernardino Sub. and the San Diego Sub. meet up at the east end of the platform. Everyday there are 26 sufliners, but they will arrive different times on sat/sun than the rest of the days. some of the surliners run fri/sat/sun so these will be on a consistent time along with the dailies. Also the Southwest Cheif #4 gets into Fullerton at 7:20 pm, but sometimes it is 5 to 10 min early. You might also see the Southwest Cheif #3 which is scheduled to arrive in Fullerton at 6:34AM, but it is almost always late. It is usually delayed about an hour, but I remember a case where it was delayed 19 1/2 hours, and a few other times where it is a couple hours short of that.

Hope this is helpful.
If you need anything else just reply and i'll try to answer.

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