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Default Crop/comp assistance

This one was dinged for cropping, I went tighter and got a bad composition, so I went tighter to get the pieces to fit a bit better and got another cropping reject.


I could go a little tighter, but trying not to cut off those telephone poles.

I am not "desperate" to get this in, but the kid is my son so it would be kind of cool if I could get it to work. He is usually too shy to wave much.

Other than commenting on the kid, be as mean as you want to the image .

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Looks good to me. Seems as if you got a screener that couldn't find the "I personally don't like this" rejection. Too bad there was no comment from the screener to clue us in why (or in what way the crop is technically "poor" or "wrong"). You could always appeal, fortunately.

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I would try going even tighter, taking a little off the left to get rid of the half-a-stop-sign, maybe cut up to the tree with leaves on it. Also, take some off the top, because when I opened the shot, I couldn't even see your son waving, he was that low in the frame. There's no need to keep as much solid blue sky in the shot. Try that and it might have a chance.

- Chris
- Christopher Blaszczyk
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Well it got in. I think it must have been the half stop sign, 'cause that is all I changed. I left the sky pretty similar because I didn't want to cut off the poles, and I did not feel like it was all that unbalanced.

Thanks for the help.

Image © Andre Beverly
PhotoID: 416567
Photograph © Andre Beverly
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