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Default Trenton Derailment Cleanup - Similar to Previous Photo

Last Friday, NJ Transit had an incident in Trenton, where a locomotive in push mode and the coach ahead of it derailed. Since I work in the area, I was able to grab a few photos during my lunch hour. While I was there, an Amtrak crew began the cleanup process, separating the bulk of the trainset that remained on the rails and placing it on an adjacent track. This shot depicts that action in progress:

I find the reason for the rejection to be very odd. No other contributor has published a photo of this incident. While I have a number of photos from Trenton on here, they are from other parts of the station and they certainly don't depict a scene like this. I had one other photo accepted from this shoot, but it's from the other end of the station and captures a different part of this process:

Image © Adam B. Reich
PhotoID: 665320
Photograph © Adam B. Reich

Any thoughts? Is it because of the number of photos I have from Trenton in the database? Are there other causes you see for rejection or is this one to hold and try to resubmit in a few months/years?

More than anything, I want to figure out whether to bother submitting any other photos from this incident. I hesistate to upload anything else for fear of rubbing the wrong screener the wrong way because I don't have a clearer understanding of what the issue is.
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