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Default Advice Needed

Hello everyone!

I went out today and took a lot of pictures, however only one was accepted. I took perhaps a dozen pics of two trains from simular angles. I tried submitting the different photos of the same train and also photo editoring some of the photos, however I recieved an email threatening deactivation of my account if I keep submitting them. I'd like to have some advice either how to improve these shots with photo editing programs or advice for next time.

NOTE: I have several upcropped versions of these photos so I may be able to adjust them.

The following were rejected for poor angle (I do have a shot from the same angle but farther away but since they threatened me the screeners might get mad):





Bad cropping:





Advice would be greatly appreciated! BTW, I have some more shots from today that I did not submit yet..
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I would not exactly call that a "threat". I would call it a warning. You reuploaded the same uncorrected photos over and over and over again at five minute intervals. That is completely uncalled for! If a photo is rejected, file an appeal and let the system do its work. NEVER resubmit an uncorrected photo. If you make corrections and it is still rejected, file the appeal and let it go. Do not keep resubmitting like you were today or your account will be closed.
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Sorry.....The photos I submitted were different pics, although they were incredibly similar, or they were slightly modified. Sorry for the confusion and next time I will only make major changes with photo editor and I won't submit photos so simular.
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