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Default The perils of sat-nav

Last week there was an incident in Southern England where a motorist tried to driver their car onto a railway line from a level crossing - her sat-nav told her to "turn left" - so she did

LINK to full story.

Do motorists in the States use sat-nav a lot and, if they do, how reliable is it? We also suffer from truck drivers trying to get down totally unsuitable roads when the device tries to send them via the shortest route, also drivers being directed over cliff edges and the like

As for me, I'll stick with a road map.
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I heard that one on the radio the other day, Kind of rediculous, If I had a Sat-nav system in my car, I would probably first see if there really was a road where it said to turn before I turned, however, I don't have one of those in my vehicle and go with the age old trusted eyesight..

I dont' know how many people around use that technology here in Salt Lake, but there are radio and television ads that push for it here.
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Maps...what are those?
I still use maps, got a good ol' Delorme Atlas in my truck, and I usually end up printing some detail maps of the areas I'm heading to as well. And, given the choice, I'll still stick with my maps. I'm just old fashioned like that. Especially because I enjoy just wondering down roads aimlessly, I tend to find cooler stuff like that.
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Default Maps versus Sat Nav

We in Britain are totally spoiled because we have Ordnance Survey Maps which give us all the detail we will ever need. These are without doubt the world's finest maps. I spend hours looking at them for pure pleasure. There are also 'A-Z' street maps which are great in urban areas for finding access to photo locations. I've always been amazed that in the US - world leaders in so many fields - the readily available maps are so awful. DeLorme's are the best but here often the scale is simply too small to read in a car without bringing on a migraine. Also in remote areas the detail shown of minor roads or tracks is often just plain wrong. I haven't been to Oz since 1982 but the situation was much the same there, we could only get gas station maps without any railway detail.
Sat Nav in the US is not much better - on a recent trip to the Southwest the Sat Nav in our rental car was unable to find our hotel in Las Vegas or someone we were visiting's house. In both cases they were new roads which confused the system. It did get us back to the rental car drop-off at LAX though!
In Britain sat nav can be useful if you are a complete stranger to an area, and have your destinations postal code (ZIP code). However, it does help if you can tell the difference, using your neurological vision receptive devices (eyes) between a road and a railway.
If you haven't come accross Ordnance Survey maps before and want to see how maps should be, here's their website:


Best wishes, and don't get lost!

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Thats pretty bad. I'm sorry, but how dumb do you have to be to listen to your nav doohicky when it says TURN DOWN AN ACTIVE RAIL LINE?!!? I think that little voice of reason in your head should click on and say "er, I don't think that this is a good idea, lets not listen to the computer". If there were other circumstances, that would deserve a Darwin.
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