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Default railroad history

I thought this was a very significant piece of railroad history that was worth submitting, but I got the PEQ, apparently it must be simply not the type of material they wish to publish. but it's the material I like, one of the reasons I haven't been uploading much here, but I thought I would throw it up here to see what the general consensus was.

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The object lacks context. If you'd shot from a higher angle you could put the yard tracks, or what's left of them, in the background.
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What's with all the noise in that image? And there are some strange artifacts floating just under the left side of the speaker. Did you clone something out of the image?

And Bob makes a good point. Some OOF rails or railroad-related infrastructure in the background would have added a lot of context to the subject.
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Doesn't do a whole lot for me. Maybe if you included something else as the other two have mentioned.

IQ is pretty bad as well.

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