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Default Too Much Noise/Grain !

Hi All,

One more time, too Much Noise/Grain for this picture, even after appeal, the photo is rejected... I don't see noise on this picture... Bad works for screeners


And what do you think about this one below, rejected for awkwardly subject !
the comment to screeners said that is the reason of cropping because the farmer have made some track in is field... REJECTED !
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Maybe the grain refers to whatever is growing in the field, other than that??????

On the second one, maybe a shot before the train passes that last pole, at most you might lose a little of the end of the train.

I might add I had one rejected for not sharp enough and increased sharpening a little and then rejected for over sharpened, so I just quit for a while as it brings my energy level to near zero to post photos. Other avenues work for now until I get the urge again.

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re #2, what bob said
My RP pix are here.
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