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Default Any hope for these?

These two I would like to try again but wasn't sure if it was a cropping issue or something that can not be fixed.

- Composition/Balance: The composition of this photo is poor relating to the overall balance of the image.


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The nose is too centered in the photo. The rule of thirds needs to be applied here. Also, they would look better if you show more of the train. The best would be to show the end of the train unless it is cut off by something else like a building or some trees.
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And if it is cut off by something, it is best to show what cuts off the train and keep the lead unit 2/3 to the left.

The first unit is not that sharp. On a sharp original you should be able to see the "no step" on the cab door with the letters sharp. (That does not mean that it will stay sharp when reduced for the web, but the nose just isn't sharp.
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Shot one has camera shake bad and cant be saved , two for RPnet it wont make it shot to close to the right side so not much you can do with it as they don't like the train cut off. Some of the screeners like it old stile, 3/4 weggy like shots, or other stiles need to be just right to have a chances.
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Putting the camera shake aside, you have use quite a bit of zoom and placed the locomotive in the very centre of the frame. This has resulted in the rear of the train being cut off.

You may be able to crop some of the dead space off the left hand side of the photo, but I don't like your chances. This will probably mean the train has been cropped too tightly in a vertical sense (the subject needs a bit of breathing space). Try not to use quite as much zoom, place the locomotive in the left-hand third of the frame, and don't cut the rear of the train off.
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