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Default How Would You Crop These

Multiple rejects - advice on any one or all appreciated.




Thank you,

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Bad /poor crop is typically RP for "centered".

Maybe the narrow sky is throwing you off in thinking the subject is in the 3rd plane, so to speak.

1) Parking lot is doing you no favors - add more sky?

2) Same deal - might consider cropping a bit of the right off - not the part of the building with the tracks but the other cropped would not be an issue.

3) Again. But maybe also crop out some of the foreground and to the left.

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The two more distant ones are very snapshot-ty, lifeless.

The closer-up one, less foreground shadow, more sky, crop the left, don't try to keep the entire background structure.
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I agree with Janusz on the long shots. The first photo, suggest cropping left and bottom to take out most of the shadow, then a little bit off the right.
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None of those do anything for me.
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