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Question New Camera Help

I have a friend who is looking into getting a new camera. He has been looking at the Canon SD 750, the Canon SD 1000, and the Canon SD 800 IS. He asked me for help but I have no experience with a dSLR. I know many of the contributors here use dSLRS so I thought I'd ask here. He wants a good camera in the $300-$400 range. I haven't researched these cameras yet myself but don't know you can get any of them for that price.

If you could help me help him that would be great!

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I wasn't familiar with the camera models your friend is looking into so I looked them up. They aren't dSLR's, they are point and shoots.

Truth be told, there seems to be little difference between them. All are 7.1MP and 3-3.8x zoom. They do have impressive movie shooting modes on them in my opinion, with 30fps VGA shooting, and other movie options. I went to the canon site to compare them out of curiosity and the differences are so subtle it's almost not noticeable. One thing to look out for is the apertures on the 750 and the 1000 only go from 2.8 to 4.9...or pretty much wide open. Don't expect a lot of DOF with the shots.

Out of all of them, I'd pick the SD 800 IS because it has more options as far as focal length, aperture, and shutter speed.
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Thanks Ken, I did indeed jump the gun on calling them dSLRs.
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I thought about the SD800IS before going with a used S70. The SD800IS has an attractive combination of wide angle - 28mm equivalent, not often found in digicams - and IS. Quite compact. I really, really prefer to have wide on a walk-around camera, but alas the market doesn't see things my way and offerings wider than 35mm or so are rare.

But I have not basis of comparison with the others because I haven't read their specs or opinions of them on the boards.

BTW, chose the S70 for lower cost, RAW, larger sensor (hopefully => better image quality) and it takes CF cards like my DSLR (another dimension of cost, really).
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