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Question Amtrak Southern routes

During the height of the gas price mayhem I wanted to see a friend that moved from Florida to Mooresville, NC., 35 miles north of Charlotte. I live in the West Palm Beach area. To take a train to their home area I would have had to go to Durham, NC 18.5 hours, then an 8hr45min layover to get the train to Charlotte the closest station for another 4 hours. All this at a cost of 260.00 each way for a roomette to sleep in. Coach was 91.00-Forget that. I wrote Amtrak an email asking why there is no service from Jacksonville,Fl to Atlanta, Ga which would cut 10 hours off. Only Freight Service has R.O.W. as well as the link between N Orleans and Jacksonville. The passenger service was stopped due to hurricane Katrina, but freight service is available only? If we want to go Green and we all conserve fuel and minimize pollution why isn't the D.O.T. improving our RR infrastructure. an increase in passenger traffic can only drive operating costs down-or will this just get swept under the carpet? I like trains real and N-scale and I'd hate t see it go the way of the sailing ship. Just my thoughts and opinion
I'd like to add the car trip was only 11 hours and cost me 60.00 in gas.
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