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Default Too Dark

Just wanted some feedback from this recently rejected shot. The sun had just set and for the two minutes or so it took this train departing New London station to round the curve the lighting conditions changed dramatically. The shot received a decent amount of processing in Lightroom to bring back to life.

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Headlights ruin it.

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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
Headlights ruin it.

Loyd L.
My favorite rejection!!!!. If you had to up the exposure a lot, then it would seem you could have controlled the headlight flare better if you started in RAW
but as the light fades I am not sure you can zoom that much directly into the headlights, maybe a little later photo with the lights less direct at the camera??

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It was shot in raw, the engineer threw the brights on once he rounded the bend since I was at the grade crossing. Thanks for the feedback.
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Sometimes the "clarity" slider in CC/ACR can reduce the flare around the headlights.

Kent in SD
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Looks good to me as is. I would have accepted it. It is a much more interesting shot than a wedgie.

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