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Default Off of the bike trail=PEQ.


I know it falls under the rejection hammer because of the shadows, but I actually thought that they added a nice "symbolic" gesture to the photo being that this old turn table has been forgotten about in the weeds for about 25 years since the line was removed.

This is about the best light that it is going to see due to the vegetation. Is it the shadows, something else that I am missing, or just not wanted?

Yay or neigh?
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I think it could work if the lighting was better, you have huge areas of shadow which lend nothing to the shot
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Go back on a rainy day and shoot it in color.
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Good subject and great intention with the black & white. Not sure if the shot works for me, though. Maybe the framing.
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I'd like to see the color version. The black and white ends up too strong, too harsh, and thus distracts attention from the subject. Just my $0.02.

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I like the idea, but the shadows kill it for me. It's definitely worth a re-shoot on a cloudy day.
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