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Ken Lehman
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Default Aberdeen, Carolina & Western - West End Operation

I had a chance to visit the Aberdeen, Carolina & Western this past week. As has been reported on other forums, business on the Piedmont division (the segment between Charlotte and Star,NC) has increased by a good amount. This portion of the line is operated out of the town of Oakboro. Business had already increased when an ethanol transload opened in the town of Midland. The ethanol loads are received in interchange from the Winston-Salem Southbound at Norwood. More recently, inbound loads of feed components for the feed mills at Candor have added to the traffic. Norfolk Southern had been handing this traffic off to the ACWR at Gulf, but moved the interchange point to Charlotte.

For the first time in quite a while, regular traffic is moving over the line segment between Mt. Gilead and Star. Thatís the good news. The bad news (photographically speaking) is the way the line is operated out of Oakboro. During my several days of observation, it appears there are two daily crews. The morning crew works west to Charlotte and back, returning to Oakboro in late afternoon. So both directions are wrong for the light. An evening crew works east to Norwood and Star. So, unfortunately, some of the best shots on the line east of Oakboro are traversed at night.

Corrections and additions to this information are welcome.

Ken Lehman
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Thanks for the update, Ken. That has changed since I had last heard about ops down there several months ago. They were then working out of Oakboro west one day then east the next. Any photos to go along with the update?

-Nick McLean
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Ken Lehman
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No images of the west end this time I would really want to post .

You're right, when I was there several months earlier they were running east and west on opposite days. I didn't have a chance to have any detailed conversations with any employees, but it looks like this is the way they will operate for the foreseeable future as long as the traffic levels remain the same.

I can see the advantage of this operation. Loads can be pulled from NS in Charlotte mid-day, forwarded to Star by that night and taken to Candor the next morning by a job out of Star.

Ken Lehman

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I'm itching to get up there to shoot the new to them SD40-2s.
Joe the Photog Dot Com
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