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Default What about this one?

Does this picture stand a chance of getting in the DB?

Have Camera, will travel.

Can you find my RP.net photos?

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Smoke not a chance the way it is now, The sun is on the other side of the tracks, the front is half lit and high sun to. You're a noob but hey I was to so I know with time you will get it. At what time of day will the sun be behind you in this shot. Thats what you need to do, pick your spots with lighting in mind then worry about if it is scenic till you get the lighting down. Start with a map and plan your shots out as it go's South on the Joint line, Looking for a spot they swing to the East in the AM so you get light all the way across the cab. You get it Planning is what saves gas and get's you to the spots that has the better light.
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