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Question bad user data

ok, I'm new to submitting pics...what does a blank window that just says bad user data mean? what am I missing? thanx
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I vaguely recall having seen that once, so it's hard for me to say now, but I think it means you left some fields blank when you entered the information on the shot.

The one thing that is not obvious to figure out is what to do when there is no locomotive information to enter. What works is to choose "Other" for the locomotive type. But then, you cannot leave "Other Locomotive" blank, so enter a space.
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Last time I got that message, I was going to the uploading window from my history - If this is what you're doing, the server seems to be a bit anal about that, so you need to go through the member's page. If you're not doing this, trying logging in and out again, that sometimes randomly does the trick!
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Originally Posted by acelachaser
ok, I'm new to submitting pics...what does a blank window that just says bad user data mean? what am I missing? thanx
Could be one of several things;

1) Your file name has symbols in it such as NS#45.jpg (won't work)
2) Your file is the wrong dimension - check submission guide lines for resolution and size (note vertical is maxed at 1000 pixels (not 1024)).
3) Your file size is too large.
4) Your file is not a JPEG.
5) It's time to get a new computer or Internet Provider.

Hope that helps.

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I've had bad user data before, when I knew that everything I had entered in was was correct. I closed my browser, opened RP back up, pasted the data back in and it worked. I suspect that your ID cookie might have been corrupted, or some such. If it says bad file, then look for things like an ampersand. N&W won't work in a file name, for example.

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It's because you had the upload screen up too long. Make sure you know all the info of the pic before you click "Add Photo".
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