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Default Cloudy ok but....

Ok, so this one was hit withpoor lighting (cloudy), which I agree that it is cloudy, but not everyday a horn gets changed out on a unit. Is there any chance of getting this photo in?

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Walter S
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I don't see a horn getting changed. All I see is a pickup with a horn on its bed. If you had a photo of the horn actually being changed it may be interesting.
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Joey Bowman
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Id have to say that its kind of a boring over all shot, too much going on. It also seems to be suffering from too much compression or overall bad image quality which would probably keep it from being accepted. It may be more interesting if you had a crew member actually changing the horns, maybe a tighter shot of it as well.
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Do you have one of the horn actually being replaced on the unit.
This photo doesn't have much of a story to tell.
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Unfortunately, you have a blown-out cloudy sky, and if you do enough editing to fix that, everything else will be too dark. In addition, the pic seems to be way off level. I think this one goes in the personal collection.

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Yeah, I agree with everyone here;

1) Not interesting
2) Where is the mechanical forces at changing the horn?
3) Poor image quality
4) Undersharpened
5) Needs leveling

Just some things that I took notice to with this pic.
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Wow crazy in a sense that i know the person thats going to change out the horn. Bob Packer works on the Ski train and is a very active diesel airhorn collector and is probably going to change out the horn like you said but its not actually being done in this picture.

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