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Default Blurry?

Heres some pics, rejected of course. The CP, I don't think there is much to do about that, but I do like the CN steam. To me these aren't blurry, but the lighting might be wrong. What do you think? Rejected CP and Rejected CN Steam Thanks.
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You need to get some photo editing software. I used unsharp mask in photo shop and your CN shot becomes acceptably sharp. Your CP shot may not be quite as sharply focused, but unsharp mask gets it looking pretty good.

You also need to learn how to compose and crop your shots. The CP shot was rejected for back lighting, but I think it has interesting lighting. The little piece of the second unit sticking out from behind the 3096 is distracting, so the screeners focused on the fact that the shot was back lit. Better composition would probably get it accepted. Either take two steps to the right and hide the second unit, or take a couple of steps to the left and include it in the shot. The next step is to not put the 3096 dead center in the frame. Put it a little bit off to one side, following the rule of thirds, to make it a pretty nice shot.

Your CN steam shot is an interesting perspective, but you should crop it to a vertical and get rid of the trucks and other junk in the background. BTW, this is one type of shot where the engine can be dead center. If you did that and sharpened it, you would have a good chance of it being accepted.

Michael Allen
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The plow/truck area on the CP shot just looks totally out of whack, like it was lightened in post-processing...
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Thank you guys I got the second picture of the CN accepted. My first accepted shot, whoopy! Thanks again!
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