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Default Leveling Help

Can I get some help/advice on a leveling a photo....I'm completely stumped on this one.

This was my submission.

I rotated the images 1 degree CCW but got rejected for being unlevel and bad cropping.

Today I went off the original image and rotated 1 degree CW. Still got hit with the "horizon unlevel" rejection.

Any thoughts which way to go?
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Guessing wildly is not a good method of achieving success! What were you thinking to go 1 degree CW ?????

Two things. First, the second version is very close. Close enough in my book, actually, but I think a fractional degree of CCW on the second version will do it.

Second, RP does not like having trailing cars cut off by the frame of the shot, as opposed to something in the shot like a structure or tree, so that is where the bad cropping comes from and you are likely to see that again, especially on an ordinary wedige.
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Second one is more right rotation wise, but I'm surprised they didn't give you a cloudy/common rejection yet. I'm not sure this one is getting in.
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