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Default Help Please

Is there any hope for this shot or should I just let it go, and not waste anymore of my time or the screeners time.
As it is not common Power for this area, and I also have other shots from this location and angle accepted to the DB.

This shot was taken late afternoon in full sun, the sun was left side to nose on, as seen by the shadows of trees, not high sun.What am I missing here.

Ist rejection: Underexposed, yes I can accept that. uped the exposer slightly by.20.

2nd rejection: Oversharpened, again acccept that and adjusted it.

3rd rejection:Poor lighting (Cloudy): Common angle cloudy day shots of common/standard power are generally not accepted. ? need help with this one.

I have Appealed and lost.

Any suggestions welcomed.

Thanks in advance for your comments.
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Joe the Photog
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A lot of sky, uninteresting lighting. Shot doesn't do much for me. I say it's a no go for RP.
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Think the shot is fine #1 but maybe to much contrast, Others go down hill from there. I would lighten contrast some and if it still looks dark lighten that too and post it here first. Looked at it for the 3rd time and your hight lights need to be lowered and lighten to photo, Looks like you pulled the whole photo down to save the hight lights.
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Originally Posted by Joe the Photog View Post
A lot of sky, uninteresting lighting. Shot doesn't do much for me. I say it's a no go for RP.
You and the third screener are on something....... thats about the most misguided advice ive seen in awhile.

Wedge shots of blue HLCX SD60's http://www.railpictures.net/showphotos.php?userid=7861

More wedge shots of blue HLCX SD60's http://nikos1.rrpicturearchives.net/

Video wedge shots of blue HLCX SD60's
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mark woody
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Hi Trevor i had a go at the shot in PSE7
Brightness -15
Saturation +10 Reduced lightness -5

shadow- highlight
shadow 5%
highlight 10%
midtone contrast 5

Recropped taking some off rhs and top.

Not sure the sides of the locos are lit enough for RP though.

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