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Default How to fix and appeal this photo

This photo got rejected for bad size and being undersharpened. I resized it to 1024x663 when I edited it, so how did it get dinged for bad size? I'm not used to sharpening rail photos as it seems quite a bit different from doing planes which I generally do. Any help is appreciated!

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size: the image I am looking at is nearly square, so it's not 1024x663 - ah, just figured out how to check it, it's 1024x845

sharpen: settings depend on the software you are using. If you are using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, try using Unsharp Mask with settings of 75, 0.6, 0. I've only done a few airplane shots (while going through airports) but the sharpening settings were no different.
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Are you doing any post processing at all? Because the color looks off like it needs some brightning/contrast and more saturation.

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I would try this copy of the image. I have sharpened it a touch and have also removed some of the dead space from the sky. I also adjusted the size and the image is now exactly 800 X 600.

BTW, this is a nice shot. Practice makes perfect, keep shooting.

~Louis Becker
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Looks like it just got in. Congrats on your first RP.net pic.

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