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Default rejected for too soft

I got this one rejected for being too soft. I was wondering if someone could take a look and offer some suggestions or is this one toast.

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A little bit of sharpening will take care of the too soft.

I do fear you might get hit for high sun though... but the too soft issue is easily addressed.

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Bump the sharpening up a little. But if they accept it after that ill be suprised cause looks like a "High Sun" issue.
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Originally Posted by NSFan14
Bump the sharpening up a little. But if they accept it after that ill be suprised cause looks like a "High Sun" issue.
Its border line high sun, Not high sun, but side light thats making the front dark. If it gets the boot it will be for poorly lit, forget the high sun part. If you made the train part of the seen more i think it would have a better chance of getting in.
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Exclamation Simply yet carefully done sharpening is all!

The photograph appears to be a bit too blurred. I can see edging a bit blurred, and everything seems not so clear. Sharpening with a Photo Editing program on your computer should solve that, but be careful not to over-do it! Although you should be able to tell...

Good luck with the photograph!

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