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Default Making a dark shot into a light one

I use Picasa software, and am wondering how to make this shot more lighter


Thank you
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Mike B.
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That's called a shadow. Avoid them.
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Sometimes "dark" means adjust and sometimes it means forget about it. You don't use software to make up for poor lighting if you want to get a shot onto RP. No chance for this one.
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I have had the poor lighting dark reject in the past, on some shots I consider it underexposure, and just bump up the exposure and that has worked out before. For your shots, I would have to say the backlighting and the shadows killed it.
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With the train sheds and the north/south track layout at LAUPT, you're only real chance is around ten AM ish or 3 PM ish from late May to early July to get that shot. The sun is just not with you the rest of the time.

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