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I hear hear the San Jac Local all the time. The San Jac is a Riverside, California local that operates from Riverside to Perris, CA.

I live about 1 mile from the line. I hear it at all hours, quite clearly. Maybe too clearly! It has a habit of going up or down the line at the early morning hours, 2am.
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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
Those PCCs were awesome!

Dennis, I'm not sure what yunz have in them thar big city places, but the PCC went through a JUNCTION and so on, and there were SWITCHES, and even, yep, a maintenance shop.

And a TUNNEL, Dennis, a TUNNEL! And then a bridge! All LIGHT YELLOW! Same guy who did you Hells Gate Bridge, only this one is purdy! Way more than yours!
I got youse "purdy" right heeh!


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Originally Posted by Dennis A. Livesey View Post
I got youse "purdy" right heeh!

I'm sure, Dennis, that your "trains" stuff all looks fabulous. But who can see it, it's underground! What's the point?

In an unrelated query, is there a submarinepix website out there ???
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So I'm a little late to the party here, but the original C&O main line forms the property line at the back of my yard. Amtrak twice each way daily (three times eastbound on weekends), plenty of unit coal trains, locals to the AB-InBev Williamsburg brewery, a rock train, and the occasional middle of the night DODX special that better not ever derail . . .

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I watch the Carolina Coastal roll by every morning while having my coffee. Nothing like hot coffee and 567's rattling the dishes.

-Nick McLean
Greenville, NC
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Default Light Rail

Once in a blue moon I can hear the light rail under the right conditions.

I would visit my Grandma in Donnelson (Iowa) and her house was probably 500 feet from a Burlington Route line. I would always tell her how cool that must be - and she would just shake her head and watch the dishes rattle as the freight went by.

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We can usually hear the New England Central and Providence & Worcester working the Willimantic, CT interchange - about 4 miles as the crow flies. Come winter time, I can usually hear the NECR blowing for crossings north and south of Willimantic - sometimes as far north as Mansfield, and as far south as South Windham. The sound just echoes down the Willimantic River valley.
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Growing up, I lived a couple miles from the Erie Lackawanna's New York & New Jersey Branch (today's Pascack Valley Line). A couple miles further was Penn Central's West Shore Line (today's CSX River Sub).

I have clear memories of lying in bed in the winter and listening to the diesel horns in the middle of the night. If it was cold and clear enough, I'd hear the rumble of the freights on the Penn Central. The Erie Lackawanna was close enough that even in the summer air I would hear the chug chug chug of the U-Boats pulling the commuter trains.

I was serious when I answered Ron's thought saying it was awful no longer being able to hear trains from the house. While I honestly do love where I live, I am often astonished that I somehow wound up so far from a real railroad.
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