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Default Gallery: Taken From a Water Vessel

I think it's been a couple years since I started a gallery... so what the heck... let's see those shots taken from boats, jet skis, ships, surfboards, etc. Only rule is that you have to have been aboard said water vessel when you took your shot.

Here are two of mine.

Image © Charles Freericks
PhotoID: 250012
Photograph © Charles Freericks

Image © Charles J Freericks
PhotoID: 332640
Photograph © Charles J Freericks
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The infamous...
Image ©
Photograph ©

And its inspiration...
Image © phil prew
PhotoID: 249104
Photograph © phil prew
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Happened to just upload this one this morning...does the deck of a permanently moored submarine count? It is actually on the water...

Image © Thomas J. Nanos - www.nanosphoto.com
PhotoID: 340287
Photograph © Thomas J. Nanos - www.nanosphoto.com
Tom Nanos
www.NanosPhoto.com - New England Rail Photography
My Rail Photo Blog

Flickr stuff - http://www.flickr.com/photos/nanosphoto/
My Railpictures.net Photos
My published photo portfolio
My one photo on JetPhotos.net
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I have some including boats, but not actually taken from one - anyway, how about this:
Image ©
Photograph ©

You didn't say that the train has to be outside the boat
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