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Default Ex-UP Slug/Calf...thing on the ACWR

So I'm just curious as to what the ex UP motor is if anyone has any info on it or what it's doing at Star. Check the link now b/c it's a reject and will disapear soon!


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According to Don Strack's fantastic Utah Rails site, it's an S5-2B rebuilt from a retired KCS GP30... but boy, I see nothing GP30 there (those are Dash 2 trucks, I think - and nothing on that body looks GP30-ish0.

Here's an image of its sister.

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ACWR recently completed their first slug set, 703/704. This is a similar team to a CSX ROAD MATE set. They are apparently quite pleased with the performance of this duo, and I believe may plan on doing another. I don't know if this is a candidate for the next one, or a parts source. Slugs can be used for salvaging traction motors or a few other components. BTW, here is a link of it in retired state at UP, close to what your photo is, so this will hang around for reference:


They definitely removed something from the end. I was suspecting remote control gear, but it appears there was something else there on the end that was cut away. Possibly was a sand box, based on the access port on top.
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From what I've heard, I don't think there are any plans on putting it into any train service. But more of a test rack to test the locomotives that they already have.
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