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There's a story behind this...but I caved in and did some lens correction work on the shot and uploaded it. It's in the queue now...
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Originally Posted by Ron Flanary View Post
OK---the riveted section running horizontally from the small numberboard back is dead level, but the handrails leading up to the cab are clearly not vertical. Could I use the lens correction tool to screw around with the distortion of make it "right." Perhaps, but that's ridiculous. I chose to use the horizontal feature (which, by definition, constitutes "level") rather than the handrails.

To me textbook case of why many of the best rail photographers either have stopped uploading to RP.net, or avoid it altogether.
Ron - I believe this is an example that can be construed as a textbook case of why admin often does not listen, acknowledge nor address issues with patrons.

You received the new "enhanced" rejection for unlevel with the notation that it leaned to the right. It obviously was - so why not simply take this new found "tip" and make the desired edit? If only my past issues were so easily correctable! "This dog ain't out of the woods yet", lol.

Chris - this would be a "textbook" case where upon "notes from the screener" would have been beneficial to use as would notes from the poster to admin. And in answer to your question, Chris - this could be considered a BS rejection when:

A) RP later or recently accepts something much worse in terms of being unlevel.

B) When admin comes on and states the tower is leaning towards the point of tipping over. Hardly. Yes, it does appear to lean but I'd build a glass house next to it without hesitation.


(PS - See "new rejections" for my thoughts on adding "perspective /distortion" to the Unlevel list of rejections).
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