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Default Processing RAW files

Due to a post on here recently, I downloaded Raw Therapee in an attempt to beging shooting RAW with my S3IS.

I've taken a couple test shots, and spent some time fiddling around, and you really can save a shot, and completely change alot of things with RAW. I'm just curious how you professional RAW shootists go about processing your files. Please don't spare me any juicy details

With RAW Therapee I can adjust the following items

White Balance
Highlight Recovery
Channel Mixer
Shadows / Highlights
Color Boost
Color Shift
Luminence Curve
Luminence Noise Reduction
Color Noise Reduction
C/A Correction
Vignetting Correction

I few I understand, and most I do not


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A lot of the stuff you mention is not limited to raw, it is just processing. I don't know which are better off done at raw conversion and which later.

For me, when doing raw conversion - In PS Elements (PSE), one opens the file, chooses a bunch of settings in what is called Adobe Camera Raw (ACR), then it processes and opens the image in the regular part of PSE.

I just do a few things in ACR. I choose my white balance, sometimes the original, sometimes Auto, sometimes custom. If I have blown highlights I change Exposure and sometimes Brightness to fix the arrangement across the histogram. Otherwise I accept the defaults and convert.

All the stuff in your list other than White Balance I deal with in the regular part of PSE.
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I use the software included with my Rebel XT (Digital Photo Professional) as the first step in processing my shots. I'll use it to change the white balance setting (assuming I forgot to set it while I was shooting), bump up the sharpness a notch or two, a adjust brightness to compensate for my amateurish ability to get proper exposure. Once I've done all of that, it gets exported to a TIF and opened in Paint Shop Pro 9, where I make any necessary adjustments related to color, cropping, rotation, etc.
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I'm glad my post about Rawtherapee has been of some use.

I have yet to play around with it much, but its more comprehensive than S7RAW which I used for RAW shots from my Fuji S9500 and far more comprehensive than DPP which I use for my new Canon 40D.

When working with RAW images (with S7RAW and DPP) I usually limit myself to setting the exposure and the white balance before saving as a TIFF and moving onto Photoshop. With Rawtherapee I can see much more work being done on the RAW image - I can recommend downloading the documentation, it explains what all the settings control and basically how to use them.

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