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Default Uncertain Rejections

I had a few rejections as of late that somewhat puzzled me. I had a few of these shots rejected for one reason, resubmitted with changes and it get rejected for a new reason.

Rejection was backlit with not enough nose light. I thought the shot is properly composed, with the entire front being in focus and well lit. You cannot shoot on this curve in the morning as the train will be completely backlit on the west end. That shot was taken around 4:20pm during July.

Shot was rejected for being backlit, although the entire visible side of the consist is completely sun lit.

This was rejected for at first not being sharp, so I went back and did what I could and resubmitted it. It then got rejected for poor crop.
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Everyone has to get used to "backlit" being a poorly chosen term. It means an important part of the train does not have direct light on it.

1: visible side of train is in shadow - pretty much no chance for RP. In addition, you have it framed pretty tight. Also, RP is generally not concerned with timing and "cannot shoot" issues.

2: a significant part of the nose, in fact, all forward facing surfaces, is in shadow - a no-no for RP, particularly for a basic train-and-nothing-else shot. And much of the frame is filled by the nose.

3: Lots of extra space on the right, the engine too close to the edge on the left. But most of all, geesh, not even close to level!

General guidelines: for basic shots, RP likes the train fully lit, just the way the site is. And you are a bit of a "tight-framer," at least for my tastes.

Good luck, and welcome back! It appears that you have been away from RP for almost four years. You will find that standards are much tighter since you uploaded your three shots in 2004.

Oh, and it is easier for us to deal with your shots if you simply provide a link to the rejection page.
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Thank you for your honest critques, some can be understandable. What irks me is how a shot you submitted once gets rejected for a condition you can correct. You re-submitt it and it gets rejected for something else.

All of these shots were not cropped. First shot was take on a 70-200mm and I had intentionally composed the shot such that the front of the cab was in complete focus. That is the center of attention.

I started off with a 300D a few years ago with the stock lense as well as shot on Aperature Priority. I'm now much more educated and am using a 20D with either a Sigma 17-70 or a 70-200mm L lense while in complete manual.

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Its all about light. Plan them out. it is harder to get a shot on here now.
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I like your first shot, the cropping is a little tight but the composition is nice.

I had a shot accepted back in May with similar lighting.

Image © Wayne Stumbo
PhotoID: 234947
Photograph © Wayne Stumbo

Your second shot is technically backlit, basically just shooting the train going in the wrong direction. The shadows are a tad distracting to me on your third shot.

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