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Default Account Blocked for upload


I am getting this error. I mailed the admin twice no response.... When i try to submit a picture it says account banned.

Any help on this please..

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Banning is usually a result of multiple uploads of photography that is poor in execution, and / or outside their window of 'quality' or ideals , coupled with multiple appeals of said photography.

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Dear Lakshman,

If you have re-uploaded pictures which have been rejected for High-sun, backlit multiple times or did constant appeal with no genuine reason, rejection is bound to happen. Because high-sun, backlit etc can never be corrected. Sadly, it is hard to get the account back once it happens . You must be careful

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Unfortunately, if any of the screeners, especially the administrators, see that you are sending in way too many shots in a short amount of time that don't meet the standards of the site, especially ones that are of poor image quality, you are likely going to get banned from uploading pictures to the site. You might even get banned from typing messages in the forums too. The ban could last a while. Maybe give it a few years(3-5) to reinstate your uploading. Before you want your account reinstated, type a letter of apology to administration. I know that you didn't mean anything very serious, but for the sake of showing administration that you are ready to meet their standards, typing a letter is good. Mention what you will do differently. Having an account at railpictures.net is almost like you are employed with a company that sets particular standards among their employees.
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