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Default Digital Prints

I know there's got to be an easy way to do this, but I'm just too dumb to figure it out it seems. I've recently printed out some 4'x6' shots to put up in the office, but the prints have some of the edges cut off (i.e the crop is not how it looks on the computer monitor). How do I get the correct ratio when I'm processing a digital image to get it to print out the way it appears on my monitor? How do you guys do it? What am I missing?

Thanks for helping me out...
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In Photoshop, when your cropping, you can type in the Width and Height of the print your making (I.e 10 in by 8in) and it will make the crop tool that size (you can make it longer and wider, but still conforming to the aspect). DSLRs shoot 8x12 aspect, not 8x10, FYI
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Actually, he is printing 4x6, which is a full frame. Normally the problem is if you cropped anything at all, you loose your 2x3 ratio.

Depending how you are getting your prints done, the process may not print "exactly" the entire image. I know my HP 7350 Photo printer cuts off a fraction of an inch around the borders.
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