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Default Ahh! Got run out of my first place

For the first time today, I got run off of a spot.

I've been interested in the spot where the CSX Main crosses Hollins Ferry Rd. There is a nice backdrop of Baltimore city.

Theres also a business there, I think it's CWS or something. It looks like a shipping company or something.

So the first time I went there last week I saw the guy washing his car, and he was looking at me. I didn't get any trains though.

So today I came back for a train and I waited about a half hour, nothing on ATCS so I changed spots. The second time I came back and this guy came down and started asking me a bunch of questions and this other girl was on the phone so I just decided it would be best to leave, even though I was on a public street.

I know Winans isn't the safest place but I want to get a picture with that background.

I think I"m going to look up that business and send them a letter explaining my hobby. I don't owe it or anything, I was on the public street and they can't say anything about it, but I'll be nice.

Incidently, I am beginning to wonder (and hope) I didn't stumble on something illegal lol.

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