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David Harrison
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Default Maybe Chicago Has Earthquakes

First one..horizon....leaning left, backlit.

Second one... I explained I submitted this shot as a frontal one. Still--horizon...leaning left.

Third one...Now leaning right. I explained I used the corner of the building. I won't use the train, the station, the tracks because the 'L' was built 110 years ago, lots of settling has gone on.

David Harrison
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The lean is very, very slight, but try to split the left/right difference. The suspicion arises that they are not enthusiastic about this shot.
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Could simply be lens (or perspective) distortion.

Put up a grid and try to line it up - no one says you can't "pull" just a top or bottom corner. Sometimes it's how it looks vs reality.

Lightroom, btw, has a really nice leveling actions.

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looks like distortion as Mitch suggested. I'll be up there in January. I hope to miss out on earthquakes.

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David Harrison
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All quiet on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Image © David Harrison
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Photograph © David Harrison


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