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Default Cropping


I don't really care if this one gets on or not, but I am trying to figure out what's wrong with it? My goal was to get some of the fall color, as in my part of the world, it is usually gone by this time in November. When I set it up, I intentionally tried to get the color on both sides of the tracks to balance with the train. I thought I succeeded with a reasonably alright photo.

Thoughts? If it sucks, feel free to say so!

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Too much sky perhaps?
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Too much on the left.
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Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
Too much on the left.
What he said. I understand what you were doing and in other venues it'd work just fine but a 'standard rp.net crop' for that would lose the pole on the left and everything left of it (and I'd probably lose some of the sky to preserve the aspect ratio). That crop would probably fly right into the database (assuming they don't get over-picky on the nose light).
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