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Post Bad Angle and Foreground Clutter

Today at the rail yard I snapped of a few pictures. The first was of a trio of SD40-2 that had had some issue and had five company trucks and railway employees examining them. I took a picture of two emploees examining the trucks and submitted and got rejected for Bad Angle and Foreground clutter. I understand the clutter one for the most part, but the bad angle one I don't. My first shot on RP was a straight on side shot.


The second image I took was of a SD20 OLS engine on a rarley used track. It also got hit for clutter and bad angle. Once again I basically understand the foregound clutter, but still not the angle.


Any advice or criticism on the angles is appreciated because I just wanna get better at this. Thanks!


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Perhaps the Bad Angle comes from the fact that the subject in both shots are dead center in the image...no rule of 1/3s...
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Shots should only composed like that for profile shots, IMO.
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The first one is a roster shot and therefore should be flawless - here there are light and utility poles coming out of the nose. Also, it's not level.

The second one, I think roster shots are generally preferred to be full-on from the side or a strong angle on the nose - this one is at just a bit of an angle, showing just a trace of nose. I think it falls under the "uninteresting angles on roster shots" clause.
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