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Originally Posted by David Harrison View Post

Do post processing in iPhoto and click "DONE". When I'm ready to send to RP, click Export (next submission reads full size, length 3258 X height 2422) I click "scale image no larger than..." and enter 1024 and heights changes to 761. Export to Documents. Why don't I export to "Pictures"???? Does it make a difference??? i need to investigate.

David Harrison
I have Iphoto and all I do is take the RAW and work it if the color off other wise you can pick a JPEG or TIFF out of the RAW photo and import to photo shop E6 that you can get for 90. Or so. IPhoto is very limiting in what you can do, you will have a hard time getting photos on without PS of some kind.
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well, In your specific photo, you can see the compression where the image is "blocky," "splotchy,"
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