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Default Resubmitting rejected photos

I tried using the resubmit area and it comes back that the photo is not in the data base of which it is still in the rejected photos area. What is a good way to resubmit a rejected photo?
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"Resubmit" is only to resubmit accepted photos (say, if you reprocess it and do a better job). To revise and resubmit a rejected photo you simply go through the regular upload procedure again. If you are resubmitting the last photo you uploaded previously you don't even have to retype most of the info, it will be there from the previous occasion.
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I'm thinking that the utility that you attempted to use is the one that RP Members can use to upload improved versions of photos that are already in the data base. I use that one occasionally when I see an old one of mine that could definitely take advantage of some of what I have learned over the past 18 months.

When resubmitting a rejected photo, you upload it just the same way you upload any new one. The difference is that in the "Comments to Screeners", you will want to fess up that this is a resubmit on a previous reject and you will want to tell them what you did to it to improve it. Be as brief as possible in your comments. I supposed you could just upload the improved version, but you run the risk that the Screener will not see any differences and will hit you for "Uncorrected Re-Upload". That's definitely one you want to avoid.

Also, be advised that the Screeners can see your rejected photo history, even after the rejects disappear from your account.

Normally, if I feel strongly about a photo, I'll make one, or perhaps two attempts to get it right. If I strike out, I throw it in the bit bucket and move on. Also, it's a good idea to refrain from appealing too much. Folks have lost their appeal option for doing that. Best bet, if a shot gets the boot more than twice, find another shot to work on.

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