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Default A Composition Question

Ok, so, I tried something like this before, except there wasn't a lot of train to view. Now, the question is, less water, less sky, less on the left, something I'm not thinking about, or scrap it completely?
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Do you have one where only the diesel has come out from behind the lift mechanism? I think the biggest issue with this shot is you let the diesel get too far to the left, forcing you to include that big boring patch of blue sky in the upper left and well as having some shadows encroach on the locomotive.

- Chris.
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I do have something where the engine is closer to the lift. I'll try that.
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Usually, this is light a photographer loves to have, warm and low. However, here it blends everything together into mush.

So... go when the light is different. How about at night? I bet the bridge is lit up, the water gets multiple colored lines, maybe some nice glow from the left sky and a train streak?

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I think Dennis is onto something. I fully agree with your comment about everything blending together. It took me a couple of seconds to locat the train.

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