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Doug Wolfe
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Default Horizon

CW or CCW?


Thanks! -Doug
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Option C: anticlockwise.

Level up the power lines behind, as well as the chimney, the train looks to be a curve so the angled can be explained away as superelevation.

Maybe a bit less dirt in the bottom and more sky, and bring in the left side to just before the chimney?
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I don't have PSE on this computer, but I'd say a slight CCW should do the trick. Without a grid, I can't tell if the locomotive verticals are perfectly vertical, but they are darn close. Also, the high line towers directly behind the train look close to vertical as well. I'm pretty positive that its the stack, buildings and pole on the left side that caught the Screener's eye. Those could be leaning right due to barrel distortion from a wide angle lens....and if you cropped on the left side of the frame, that might explain why we don't see a similar phenomenon....at least not to this degree....on the right side.

Does your editing program have a grid? Put that grid on the shot and look at the vertical surfaces. If they are all leaning slightly right, then a little dose of CCW rotation should fix it. If the problem is barrel distortion, hopefully your program has a tool for that as well. PS and PSE certainly do. To fix it, you would go back to the original image, make the adjustment, then recrop and edit as you did before.

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Doug Wolfe
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Guys: Thanks for your very detailed responses. This was above & beyond what I expected. The shot made it in. Thanks again for your valuable time!

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