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Default BLE Merges with the Teamsters

The nations oldest union merges with the nations biggest union, that just cant be good. I only have two things to say, dont muck with my pension, and really, what DID you guys do with Jimmy Hoffa?

Read all about it here. http://www.ble.org/
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Default Labor

I can understand your concern. It will be interesting to see railroaders back in the labor mainstream again though. They haven't really been active in anything but their own narrow concerns since Eugene Debbs shuffled off his mortal coil. For a good book on recent Teamster history check out "Which Side Are You On?: Trying to Be for Labor When It's Flat on Its Back" by Thomas Geoghegan. I was with the Teamsters at UPS during the late 90's and had an over all positive experience. Much depends on your local. And much depends on your own participation. Too many Pie Card members, not enough active ones. I was in a large local of another union and only two members ever showed up for the meetings; they called us Rank and File
My understanding is that the BLE merged with the teamsters to fend off the UTU who were trying to bring the BLE and UTU together as one union. Consolidation would have been a good thing, but the BLE didn't want it and the UTU seemed to be using some pretty heavy handed tactics to bring about a merger. Both unions have plenty to answer for I think. We are at the point where there are more Mac users in the country than union members and it's time to stop squabbling and start organizing. Worked for minimum wage lately?

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