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Default Getting Train Withdraw...

You ever get withdraw? You know when you don't do something for a while and then you about get the shakes and what not? Well, I hadn't shot a train in 10 days and nearly got withdraw, so I took advantage of a day off from work yesterday and shot trains. My plan was to just stay around the Danville area and shoot.

I started at 0815 with 223 passing through Lawrenceburg. I figured I would be able to catch it either coming into Danville, or at Junction City. It had to meet two at Talmage, so I was able to get ahead of it and see it through Harrodsburg.

After 223 passed, I headed over to Burgin to see if I could catch something while I was just passing through. While on KY 152, I heard 216 calling signals leaving Danville and was able to get a shot of it, then it was on to Junction City.

Nearing Junction City I heard 264 on the radio coming through Bowen, but the fuel gauge on the car prevented me from getting a shot (i.e. low fuel). However, I was able to get one of 223 again going over where the L&N used to cross the CNO&TP.


After that shot, I hear 132 talking to the tower saying that they're ready to go with a lot of background noise on the radio. That's usually a sign of some good EMD power. After hitting every stop signal in Boyle County, and 75 mph on Faulkner Rd., I caught 133 passing the wye with 6703 (SD60) leading and a BNSF SD40-2 second out. Very acceptable. I decide to stay here for a while after it looks like there'll be a little bit of a wait. I didn't wait for very long as I heard 229 calling signals at Bishop which meant that it was about 30 minutes away. It passed the Wye at 1130 with 9599 leading. I then headed up to the bridge on Buster Pike to shoot 144, which had another catfish leading. The floodgates were starting to open.

I received a call from a friend with a heads up that 287 was coming with 3296 leading. Well, that shot my plans for the day. I caught 133 (which ran around 287 at Brown) at the Wye with 8405 leading.


287 was right behind it.


This is when I decided to start heading west to get a good distance ahead of the train. A late 60A was sitting at Shuttleworth waiting on the congestion to clear.


On the way back west, I stopped at Talmage for a little bit to get a shot of 111 in the hole with 8638 leading.


Then it was on to Waddy to catch 287 again. Upon arrival, I catch 23G slowing down to meet 287, but didn't have to wait much longer for 287. Here's a shot of it in the S-curve moving along at restricted speed.


I catch the train again in Shelbyville, along with T19 heading back towards Lawrenceburg. The light is getting worse and worse, so I decide to call it a day at that point but still manage to catch 168 at Waddy with a "710 chorus", or in other words, two EMD products pulling at the head end. Not a bad day at all.
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