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Originally Posted by Holloran Grade View Post
I concur.

Though, I would like to think the lake in the first, was considered like the house in the second.

As my personal preference, I think the house works better than the water.
Lake? Oh yeah through the trees back there.

And agreed, the house makes a real nice shot.


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Originally Posted by CSX1702 View Post
The riparian element in the image....

Actually, looking at it on a larger screen (I was on my phone) the C&O shot is better than at first view.

If I were being critical, I would suggest that some of the brush on the left side be cropped off to bring the riparian element over, but that is a subjective call and he may have needed that area to make the top and bottom dimensions.

Course that fact that this is even an issue, proves that RP is forcing us into a cookie cutter mentality when looking at train pictures, rather than each of us being able to entertain "out of the box" images.

This fact is one or the negatives that I predicted a number of years ago - we will see in the future whether I am truly prophetic or just being chicken little.

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