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Default Slide/Neg Scanners

Currently, I have an HP Photosmart S20 which is around 6-7 years old and has a max of 2400dpi. For its time and price it gives good results and all of my pre 2007 shots were scanned from slides on it, but many other shots I struggle with too much grain to get them accepted.

I'm thinking of replacing it in the near future. Technology has moved on, and its unlikely HP will issue drivers for the S20 to support Vista or any other future MS OS's.

Has anyone here done a direct comparison of an S20 with a Nikon Coolscan LS50 (not sure if its the same model in the U.S., but its the cheapest Coolscan model available) ? Are scans from the Nikon markedly superior to an S20 - especially regarding grain/noise - to make it worthwhile buying one ?

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